Dealing with Failure

Hi there, boys and girls and all those who are somewhere in between!

Today I will teach you how to deal with failing.

First of all, it is important to understand that there are lots of people who fail. Just like there are lots of people in the world who don’t have enough food and medicine!
So it’s not too bad. Unless you’re one of those who don’t have enough food and medicine. Then it is too bad.

But failing, on the other hand, is totally okay because you tried to do something which you really wanted to do and was super important for you not to mention that you really put a lot into it and you really had your hopes up because you’re kind of optimistic and because you tried really hard and you just knew you’d succeed because there wasn’t really any other choice because this was one of things where you really really really had to pull it off and them all of the sudden BAM you see that you failed and all your hard work just went down the drain together with the accomplishment you were so looking forward to and now you simply don’t know what to do with yourself and you think hey at least now I can write a blog post helping others who are failures like myself but the blog post doesn’t even come out funny or anything it’s just a run-on sentence and there’s probably spelling mistakes in it but you don’t really care because you’re so upset and all and nothing seems to matter now that you failed darnit failed failed failed and that’s all there is to it so be glad you weren’t born in the holocaust or anything because that can happen you know.

The Animal in Me

I was at work, taking a “quick” look at Facebook.
Two screens!

I stumbled upon a post, with a picture of a calf.

Although I’m an enthusiastic omnivore, this actually bothered me.
I don’t mind eating animals.
I mean, they eat each other, for one thing.
Also, it doesn’t bother them to be dead, since they’re dead.

But the thought of animals being kept motionless, immobile, growing flabby and weak and tender –

Seperate vs. Separate

Seperate or separate?

In English 2.0, it doesn’t matter.

But for those of you who have a hard time grasping new concepts, here’s a way to remember:

Bruce Lee can sepARATE bricks using kARATE.


Q) Yeah, but what if I don’t remember whether it’s karate or kerate?

A) Here’s a way to remember the correct spelling of karate:

Bruce Lee can sepARATE bricks using kARATE.

Mustache Update

Okay, regarding The Mysterious Mustache:

I saw the guy again (in his older version), and snapped a photo.

I’m only going to post his mustache here, because:

A) If he sees that I took (and posted) a full picture of him, he might have no choice but to either kill me or force me to join his weird cult of bemustached time travelers (which is not a good thing because I like my hair and don’t want to shave it off);

B) The mustache IS his main feature.

So here it is:





Yeah, I know I said it’d just be his mustache but really I also got a bit of his nose and most of his lower lip, but the mustache wouldn’t be recognizable otherwise.



I ate some sushi recently. It has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I’d update you about it anyway.



It was pretty good.



Oh, God. I should not have eaten left-over sushi for breakfast. Uggg.